Dinner Menu

Soups & Appetizers

Chowder of the Day | Bowl 11 or Cup 9
served with herbed bread

Soup of the Day  | Bowl 9 or Cup 7
served with herbed bread

Hand-Made Crab Cakes (2pcs) | 19
chilean crab cakes, mixed greens, chipotle aioli, balsamic & honey vinaigrette

Deep-Fried Oysters |18
panko crusted oysters, mango salsa, citrus aioli

Coconut Crusted Tiger Prawns Skewer | 17
crisp coconut crusted prawns, thai chili sauce

Steamed Mussels & Clams | 22
your choice of lemongrass or thai-curry broth, served with rosemary bread

Pan-Fried Tiger Prawn Skewer | 17
pan-fried tiger prawns, lemon-grass aioli

Chicken Wings | 13
your choice of: Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, Sweet Thai Chili, Honey Garlic, BBQ sauce, Teriyaki, Seasoning Salt or Salt & Pepper

Calamari | 15
lemon-coriander crusted calamari, mixed greens,
house-made tzatziki

Fish Tacos | 13
beer battered cod, mango salsa, diced tomato, lettuce, house made tartar sauce

Salmon or Tuna Tataki | 17
your choice of: salmon or tuna seared RARE, grated ginger, wasabi aioli, ponzu sauce and fresh chives

Warm Crab & Spinach Dip | 8
served with rosemary bread

Seasoned Fries (G|F) | 7
your choice of seasoning: dill, parmesan,  cajun, greek
or seasoning salt

Sweet Potato Fries (G|F) | 8
with chipotle aioli


Signature House Salad
(G|F) (V) | 11
seasonal greens, shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, craisins, with your choice of: lemon-basil dressing or balsamic-honey vinaigrette

Santorini Chicken Salad | 23
grilled oregano-season chicken breast, seasonal greens, red bell peppers, black olives, cucumbers, red onions, grape tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese tossed in a balsamic-honey vinaigrette

Tuna Poke Salad (G|F) | 22
seared RARE tuna, julienne red peppers, cucumbers, grated carrots,
hard boiled egg, mixed greens, fried capers, avocado, lemon-basil dressing or balsamic-honey vinaigrette

Warm Seafood Salad (G|F) | 25
mussels, clams, prawns, calamari, grape tomatoes, mixed greens, fried capers, lemon-garlic broth

Classic Caesar Salad | 11
chilled romaine lettuce, crispy capers, tossed in our house made creamy garlic dressing, parmesan and house made croutons

ADD : grilled chicken breast (9), pan-seared or spicy prawns (9),
coconut crusted prawns (10) or fire-grilled wild salmon filet (11)

Dinner Classics

West Coast Fisherman’s Pot | 35
mussels, clams, tiger prawns, fin fish, snow crab leg & julienne vegetables your choice of: lemongrass or thai-curry broth and garlic bread

Sockeye City’s West Coast Paella | 36
snow crab leg, clams, mussels, tiger prawns, chorizo sausage, savoury rice pilaf

ADD: chicken breast (9), wild sockeye salmon (11)
or pacific halibut (13)


Savoury Prawn Risotto | 30
tiger prawns, roasted red peppers, chorizo sausage, mushrooms, spinach & grape tomatoes

ADD: chicken breast (9), snow crab leg (10), wild sockeye salmon (11) or pacific halibut (13)


Chilean Crab Cannelloni & Tiger Prawn | 25
pasta filled crab meat, ricotta, spinach, savoury rosé sauce with tiger prawns, grape tomatoes, fresh herbs, parmesan
and garlic bread

Seafood Linguini | 25
mussels, clams, tiger prawns, parmesan and garlic bread
your choice of: herb cream or tomato sauce

Hand Pressed Beef Burger | 18
6oz. patty, house sauce, mixed greens, tomato, red onions, marbled cheddar cheese, brioche bun

ADD : fried egg (2), avocado (1), mushrooms (1) or bacon (1)

Chicken Linguini | 24
sautéed chicken breasts, mushrooms, spinach, parmesan
and garlic bread,
your choice of: herb cream or tomato sauce

substitute french fries with your choice of:
Chef’s Soup of the Day or House Salad (G|F) or Caesar Salad | 4
seasoned fries (G|F)  | 2 or sweet potato fries (G|F) | 5

platter size your Burger or Sandwich with fries and your choice of soup or salad | 6

Steak Dinner

served with mashed potatoes & seasonal vegetables
choose one of our homemade sauces:
peppercorn demi-glace or mushroom demi-glace

8oz Flat Iron Steak | 32
10oz Rib Eye Steak | 37

Great With Steaks
prawn skewer | 10
coconut crusted prawns | 10
snow crab leg | 10
whole crab | market price
whole lobster | market price

Market Seafood

Whole Atlantic Lobster | market price
minimum 1 pound lobster, melted butter, seasonal vegetables, your choice of: dill seasoned fries or basmati & wild rice pilaf

Fresh BC Local Crab | market price
whole steamed crab seasonal vegetables, your choice of: dill seasoned fries or basmati & wild rice pilaf

Steamed Seafood Platter | 9

whole Atlantic lobster & BC Local crab, snow crab leg, clams and mussels steamed in a white wine lemon garlic broth seasonal vegetables, your choice of: dill seasoned fries or basmati & wild rice pilaf

Fish n’ Chip Platter | 7

cod (2), halibut (1) salmon (1), prawns (8), lemon coriander crusted calamari, french fries, coleslaw, tzatziki, tartar and cocktail sauce

Our Famous Fish n’ Chips

coated with our homemade beer batter, served with french fries, coleslaw & our house-made tartar sauce

BC Wild Salmon

Small (1 piece)  | 21   or Large (2 pieces) | 28
Small (1 piece) | 18    or Large (2 pieces) | 22
Small (1 piece) | 20    or Large (2 pieces) | 25
Small (4 prawns) | 19 or Large (8 prawns) | 23

substitute the fries with your choice of: 
Chef’s Soup or the Day or House Salad (G|F) or Caesar Salad
seasoned fries (G|F) or sweet potato fries (G|F)

platter size your Fish n’ Chips with fries and your choice of soup or salad

(G|F) Gluten Free option
(V) vegetarian option

 We proudly serve only wild salmon, line caught halibut and pacific cod


Ask your server about our weekly featured cocktail

Please inform your server of any food allergies that you may have. If you have an allergy to seafood, you should not eat any of the foods prepared in this restaurant. We cannot guarantee that our food will be free from all traces of seafood.

18% Gratuity is included for parties of 8 or more